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Why work with us

(Our clients don't lie!)

Building and managing the products of the future

Thynkb is a diverse, disciplined, forward-thinking collective of designers, engineers and developers. Our team shares decades of experience in the Consumer Product industries, aerospace, automotive, medical devices, iOS app development and technology.


We're inspired by our clients' pursuit of building a better world and each of their original ideas. We tirelessly work and learn to bring thoughtful, responsible innovation to life.

Nicolas R.

Miami, FL

"Salvador and his team are great to work with. He is very easy to communicate with and very knowledgeable about product development.


The quality of work was great and it was completed in good time. I would highly recommend Salvador to anyone looking to develop a product."

Matthew M.

Denver, CO

"Salvador went above and beyond my expectations from designing my product for injection molding, sourcing, package design and many other inquiries.


You can tell ... that he has been doing this a long time and his knowledge has helped me and my company tremendously. I look forward to working with Salvador again in the future."

Peter B.

New York, NY

"Salvador has been wonderful to work with and I highly recommend him.


His mastery of the product engineering process and fantastic work product made the project easy. If you need a product engineer, connect with Salvador."

Our Story in Arizona 🌵

As the world grappled with covid-19, we found an unprecedented need to digitally manage work, For almost every organization, is born to help non-project managers get ahead on their daily tasks and projects, keeping teams synced even if they are are working remotely.

Gradually traction grew, and we received several projects for custom product & software development. We pivoted our services to help businesses and people bring their ideas to life, and reach a digital transformation.

thynkb and the team of people has helped clients successfully launch a variety of projects, especially with crowdsourcing platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

We will continue to support and excel servicing our clients with technological product design, iOS Apps, prototyping services with in house 3D printing technologies. 

Our clients need to find success from many angles, and our team is here to help.

Salvador R.
Founder of ThynkB Group LLC

Open Positions

We have innovative new projects, you have incredible creative and hardcore technical skills. Excited to join us? Check out our openings below.

  • iOS Backend Developer
    iOS Backend Developer
    Are you a deft, quick-learning, skillful iOS developer? We're looking for someone just as excited as we are about bringing fresh, innovative, reliable, thought-provoking iOS apps to life.
  • Full Stack Developer
    Full Stack Developer
    We have wild digital product ideas, you have incredible full-stack skills. We have plenty of innovative software projects in the works and we need your help to make them a reality.
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