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#1 Reason why 
startups fail win  

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Success Formula : 

Research + Good Idea + Funding 

 We have the 

 solution for you 

You always wondered how other start ups do it ... successfully 

You see products and apps coming in, and out, being launched daily in crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, getting funded, people launching products on Amazon, being drop-shipped, and packing up sales, you wonder how do they do it, how can I do it ?

This is how ... 😮

Startup Accelerator Package 

We have crafted a 100% personalized startup accelerator package for you, which adheres to the Success Formula, no more guess work, and know exactly what to do and what to show, you will have all the data at your fingertips. 

✅ We provide you with a deep Market Research 

✅ Know your competitors, their sales, funding, market size, insights !

✅ Initial original Concept Design for your idea (product or iOS app)

✅ Show your idea with Industrial design hand sketches, AI support imagery 

✅ Craft of a professional Investors Pitch Deck for your idea 

✅ Use this to present your idea, raise funds, start pre-sales of your product

✅ Show the value of your idea in a clear concise and trustworthy manner 

 What you will get :

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 4.25_edited.jpg

Market Research

We will conduct a Market Research specific to your idea. 


It validates market demand, identifies target audiences, and informs effective marketing strategies. Through competitive analysis, it guides differentiation and market positioning. Additionally, research influences product development, pricing strategies, and channel selection, minimizing launch risks. Ultimately, it enhances investor confidence by demonstrating market understanding and potential success.

Concept Design

We will Perform a Custom Design, such as digital sketch for your product or a render of your iOS App or Web application. 


Creating a digital sketch for a product's concept design before full CAD or engineering brings substantial benefits. It allows rapid iteration, cost-effective visualization, and early feedback gathering. Additionally, it aids in testing feasibility and ergonomics, serving as a blueprint for detailed CAD modeling and engineering, ultimately enhancing efficiency and product quality. 

for an iOS App, it allows for testing user interface and user experience (UI/UX) elements swiftly, ensuring the app meets user needs and expectations. Beginning with a quick iOS app concept sketch enhances efficiency, flexibility, and the overall quality of the final product.


Product Digital Sketch

App Digital Concept

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 4.17.33 PM.png

Pitch Deck

We will craft a solid Pitch Deck, that you can showcase with Investors, Customers & Partners


Crafting a compelling pitch deck for fundraising or sales pitches offers significant advantages. Firstly, it distills complex ideas into concise, visually appealing slides, aiding effective communication. Secondly, it captivates attention and conveys value proposition clearly, boosting chances of success. Thirdly, it serves as a versatile tool for presenting to investors, partners, or customers, enabling consistent messaging.

Overall, investing in a pitch deck enhances chances of success in fundraising or sales efforts.

Real Feedback from our Clients 

100% Unfiltered and real, from actual paid work, we work hard to make you succeed 

"Salvador was very communicative and easy to work with, and the final product turned out great!"

Willa F., California

Startup Accelerator Package
a $9,900 value for only


After payment is made we will connect with you to get started ;)
Feel free to reach out to us at anytime 
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