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Grow your Business

We’ll work with you one-on-one to strengthen, organize and grow your project or business, for one fixed monthly engagement. 


What does this look like?

Efficiently design and manufacture your portable speakers with precise cost reduction analysis VAVE

Finding new markets for your barista tools with holistic market analysis and social media mkt

Organizing how you bring your modern hockey equipment to market with simplified project management

Spreading the word about your physical therapy app with digital marketing guidance and lead generation

Navigating building your home lighting system with process planning and optimization

Reduce costs and increase profit in your company with process and resources optimization using AI

Add more revenue streams to your pipeline with quick product concepts and gauge market interest 

... and much more.

How we'll do it

Shall we send our MBA arsenal?

One free consultation to learn about you, your projects, and where we fit in.

A monthly quote to include all of the services your business needs to thrive.

Set up routine check-ins to ensure you're getting results you love.

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