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Printing Creative Objects

3D Printing Services

We provide rapid prototyping services,  3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing services, using the latest FDM technology in parts resolution, speed and engineered materials for truly functionals parts. We have a dedicated in house facility with 6 3D Printers. 

Materials & Technology

We provide a wide range of materials and colors for your projects, from High Fidelity PLA, to STRONG and durable ABS, Polycabornate, Translucent PETG, to Though Nylon reinforced with Carbon Fiber 

Real Parts

See some of our examples

Below you will find some examples of prototype parts we have produced, in different materials, with hyper smooth finish, strong and capable Nylon parts reinforced with carbon fiber for functional testing. 

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 1.05_edited.jpg

Tons of options

We offer tons of colors and materials to choose from, from Translucent material and finish, to colorful yellow, blue, pink and many more ! 

Also Carbon Reinforced Nylon material and economic PLA as well 

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High Resolution Parts

Parts come right out the printed in a very nice and smooth finish, part shown material is PLA. 


DIfferent Materials

We can easily print two parts in different materials and colors to help you visualize and test your design 


Functional Prototypes

More robust and though parts for functional testing and withstand real world loads for endurance 


Carbon Fiber reinforced parts

Parts can be a solution to your supply chain, with small volume of additive manufacturing with no initial tooling cost investment

Colleagues Working Together

Experts in Engineering

We have more than 20 years of experience in Product Design, Engineering, Rapid Protoyping, 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing 

Printer Parts

Quality Assurance 

We have internal quality standards and we only work with the best equipment properly calibrated to provide prototype parts that serve your needs

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to provide the best quality & service for a competitive price for your prototypes 

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