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Intermediate Development Plan

A complete development plan from start to finish.

Project quotes from thynkb's development team.

Great for testing out your furniture, gadget, standalone app, or other moderate-complexity idea.

After purchasing this plan, return here and fill out the form to get started.


What you'll get

A professional, attractive, clear PDF document emailed to you within 3-5 business days. A clear timeline with step-by-step instructions, diagrams and descriptions. Peace of mind - know exactly what you need to build and produce your idea!

Want to work with us afterwards?

We'd be delighted! You’ll get a email link to start the product development process with us once you receive your plan. We’ll make any revisions to your plan and quote then get right to work bringing your idea to life.

Return & Refund Policy

There are no exchanges, credits or returns after purchasing this plan. By purchasing, you own the development plan and you are not obligated to start development with thynkb. However, we strongly encourage you to consider development with us, as we can now quickly make progress on your project.

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